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Brad Molnar is running to re-join the Montana Public Service Commission and once again assure that Montana's families and employers have affordable and reliable energy. They deserve no less.

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Brad Molnar

Paid for by Utility Rate Payers Supporting Brad Molnar for the Public Service Commission. Tao Molnar Treasurer when there are funds to treasure.

PO Box 517 Laurel, Mt 59044

ABOUT BradMolnarforPSC

Last week the big news was the record setting -22 degrees. Many used the event for cliché laden debates on “climate change”. A one time event does not indicate climate change or causation. Global trends are not established by the record high or low temperatures in Laurel, Mt. For real fun try calmly discussing the facts and the implications of those facts...








"The Montana Constitution guarantees the right to a clean and healthful environment. The oath of office mandates I protect all of the constitution. Of course, I support clean water and air. Of course, I want to see the land cared for so future generations of Montanans and wildlife can prosper. I also believe our environment includes lunch boxes, paid orthodontic bills, reliable energy, and college tuition. These things require we treat our environment with respect while we use its bounty to provide for ourselves, our children, and future generations."

~Brad Molnar

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